Epinephrine & Sophistry

Composing Involved Syllogisms on a Roller Coaster

R. Scott Shanks, Jr.
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It all started with a realization that orientation determined reality, and that the future is maleable. If that is so, then so is the past; it's just a future in the opposite direction, which means that, with proper orientation, my future will be static and my past constantly shifting, dependant entirely on my actions.

So now I constantly create my past from moment to moment, a grand, recursive radiant-spray of events with origin on later events with origin on later events with .....

I wonder who I will have been yesterday.

I am finally writing on a daily basis, and have begun to pile up items for final revision and shipping off to publishers. I am starting with short stories, not because that is the generally accepted starting point, but because I need some work on plot & characterization that I can get more quickly by producing in quantity. My goal is, first, to publish professionally with some moderate frequency and readiness. Then, to decide whether that is how I want to struggle for my keep. Then, to shift my livelihood to the writing gig.